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My Curiosity I've heard people say curiosity killed the cat and I would wonder just what that meant until one day curiosity almost killed me. Every child has a curious nature, but if you leave a bored, curious child alone on a rainy day that could be a recipe for disaster. It was a dreary, cold rainy day in Boston, Massachusetts and I had just finished eating lunch with my mother, brother, and sister. I would ask my mother every five minutes if I could go outside and play. Her answer would be consistent in a calm and understanding tone, "No Brandon it's too wet and cold out there." I would sigh and drag myself back into my room and try to find something to do or play with that I hadn't played with in a while. My whole room was covered with toys that were half way or completely disassembled. I had a bad habit of taking things apart because I wondered how they worked. The tool set I used was a set my father had bought me because he had grown tired of me using his tools to dismantle anything I could get my hands on. I kept them on proud display on top of my dresser for all to see. As the day went on my cabin fever and boredom grew to an unbearable point. I got up stormed out of my room and into the living room where my mother was and asked, "Can I go outside now?"Now this is where my mother went from being calm and understanding to irritated and angry. I was doing the one thing you don't do to her on a weekday and that was disturb her while All My Children or General Hospital was on. She turned and looked at me with an irritated scowl and said, "DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME SAY IT WAS WET OUTSIDE?? NOW GO IN YOUR ROOM AND PLAY!!" With that look and that tone I knew it was in my best interest to just go back to my room. As I entered my room I turned on the lights and paused for a moment to look at the light switch closer. I started to wonder just how does the lights come on

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