My Crazy, Not a Dream, Week Essay

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What happened last week was the most spectacular thing of the summer. I’m still thinking about it to make sure it wasn’t a dream. However, this necklace proves it was real. Last week, my possessions were disappearing one by one. I, Samantha Mitchells, had already lost one necklace, two pairs of earrings, two t-shirts, and my small dog. That’s just crazy. You’d think my parents would care, but alas they’re in the Bahamas enjoying their vacation without me. Sigh. I had to know who or what was taking my stuff. I did find that out. It was nighttime on a Monday in June and I heard a rasping sound. “Find me, find me.” I jumped at the voice. It was coming from under my bed. What the heck was under there? “Come find me if you want your petty human stuff,” the rasping voice said. Whoever said that had my stuff and said human. That meant it wasn’t human. I turned on the light and ducked under my bed. A green light came from under there. A green light! Why was a green light? I soon found out because at that moment I was sucked in. Before I lost conscious I heard, “Welcome, Samantha.” I opened my eyes slightly and looked around. I was in a white room. A voice called out, “You’re awake, Samantha!” It, whatever it was, knew I was awake. Oh great. “Do you feel well?” Guess what I saw. Just guess. A fairy! How is that possible? “Excuse me, please put on this necklace so you can become a fairy for your stay,” the fairy said. “Wait,” I protested as the fairy beckoned and urged the necklace toward me. “What is going on?” “You’re in the Realm of Jades which is a magical world with fairies, wizards, and trolls,” the fairy explained. “The wizards magically disappeared, but the trolls are our enemies.” “Hold on,” I said. “What does that have to do with me?” “Oh, your human toys were stolen and our power was stolen,” he said. “The troll king took it all and involved you.

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