My Cousin Vinny

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Compare and Contrast of My Cousin Vinny and the Criminal Justice System in Real Life Shajuana T Jenkins Florida Institute of Technology CRM1000-Introduction to Criminal Justice Bryon Price 02/23/2011 My Cousin Vinny is a comedy that depicts the American Justice System. It shows varies elements of the system as a whole. There are lots of formalities which go into being convicted of a crime, such as the pretrial stage, the key participants in the court process, and the criminal trial. During the movie I noticed the differences and similarities between the way the movie portrayed criminal justice process and the actual criminal justice system. .. The movie takes place in Alabama. During the movie Bill and Stan are pulled over and arrest for what they thought was a stolen can of tuna. The first thing I notice during the arrest is that the Sherriff has his weapon pulled. The arrest is the seizing and detaining of a person by lawful authority (McGrow-Hill, 2010, p.22). He has Bill and Stan exit the car through the driver’s side. Because the Sherriff thought they had committed a felony he had every right to have his weapon drawn. A felony is” a serious offense punishable by death, a fine, of confinement in a state or federal prison for more than a year” ( During the initial arrest they were not informed about what crime they had been arrested for, which they should have been. Once the boys were at the station they were not read their miranda rights, but they were asked if they knew their right before the Sherriff started to interrogate them. After a few question they realized what they were being booked. During the booking process they did not show them being formally booked which consists of giving their names, being told of the charges against them, giving fingerprints, or photographs being entered on the police blotter (McGraw-Hill,

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