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I am a student who is going go graduate from Hunan University ,my major is the application and maintenance of digital controlled equipment.I am honoured to have the chance to submit you my individual information.During the time of devoting myself into the society,in order to exert my talent better,I recommend myself to every leader sincerely. With the vernal enthusiasm and curious desire,I am about to finish the course of seeking knowledge.The beautiful college life cultivated my scientific and religious way of thinking,trained my active and optimistic attitude of living and aggressive innovation consciousness even more. I know the society more,thank to the encyclopedical social practice,well-knit basic knowledge and open visual field developed inside and outside of the class.I believe I can safeguard,respect and develop my occupation for the reason of my religious,steadfast working style and solidaric,cooperative excellent character cultivated during the course of my incessant learning and working.And I also believe that my ability and knowledge are needed by your company,I am eager to dedicate my youth and zest to the future of your company. 21th century calls for all-around persons with ability,I have an opening and lively character,an abroad interest,a widen way of thinking and a strong responsibility.I can handle affairs calmly,I am concerned about collectivity,I treat people with pure-heartedness,I work actively and seriously,and am rich in professional ethics. My self introducing paper is not an advertisement,a passport,but I know that a young man can perfect himself by ceaseless learning and prove himself in honored leader,if I can gain your recognition fortunately,I will show you my actual action of full responsibility.I could not take part in your past,but I can devote my zest and sweat with all my life to your future! I thank you

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