My College Admission: Sixx Am

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College Admission Something that has influenced my life and helped me along times of great peril is music. Music always lightens my mood. There is a great number of bands that have helped me through so much and there is a couple of bands that have actually influenced me to do the right things. One particular band that has helped me through a lot is Sixx AM. Their lyrics are amazing and so true. One of my favorite lyrics is “you know that accidents can happen, and it’s okay, we all fall off the wagon sometimes it’s not you’re whole life, it’s only one day, you haven’t thrown everything away.” That lyric means everything to me. It’s also my motivation. It brought me closer to my family and friends. It reminds me that even though I make mistakes, like huge mistakes, that things will get better.…show more content…
His insane way of life drove him into mad situations, the most famous is the day he returned from the dead cause of his heroin overdose, this led him into making “The Heroine Diaries” sound track. He even wrote his own book and started his own charity and gave all proceeds on his Heroine Diaries book towards that charity and

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