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MY CHINA STORY Every single time that I have mentioned to someone that I am studying Chinese, and that I actually am truly in love with it, I get the same reaction: “Are you serious?” Personally, learning Chinese has been a desire of mine since I was about fifteen years old. It’s the beauty of the language. The uniqueness of the typography. Those are but a few of the little things about Chinese that drew me to it. I remember driving past a Chinese Restaurant and wanting to be able to read the writing up on the billboard right outside the restaurant. I have always had a hunger for knowledge of the language. I am not only fascinated by the language, but also by the country in itself. One of the first things that I learnt about the country that I have never forgotten is that despite the vast size of the country, it is all under one time zone. The fact that all those different people who live such different lives both socially and economically yet they are all drawn together by same sunrise and sunset amazes me. 1.4 Billion People, 9.6sq Km, one time zone. To me that represents the unity of the people. The tourist attractions in the country are beautiful. The one I am mostly drawn to is The Forbidden City. The name in itself is inviting. All that I know about it if only from the internet, but the beauty of the buildings as well as the stories behind their constructions have only increased my desire to want to visit the place. Of course The Great wall of China is among one of the places I must visit in my lifetime. It is, after all, one of the eight wonders of the world – that speaks for itself. Recently, I was fortunate enough to learn how Chinese dumplings are prepared. This draws me to the next bit about China – the cuisine. A personal favorite of mine is the Chow Mein noodles. They have just the right balance of spices and are not too heavy a meal. The preparation

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