My Changed Life Essay

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Shola Mustapha College Writing 10/22/08 A Changed Student Intro: Life always comes with some regrets. If I had to change anything in my life I’d become a clinical laboratory scientist after high school. I would have studied clinical laboratory science in college and by now have about eight years of experience. Though I went to college, my degree is in Biochemistry and Anthropology. My plan was to advance to medical school. But as life would have it, I enlisted in the United States Navy for four years. Now I have returned to school for a clinical laboratory science degree. (No thesis statement) Thesis statement The best thing about this compared to my first degree is that I am more focused and school is less expensive. (Only two points) (First degree, less focused should be a separate paragraph)When I went to college back in 1996, I partied a lot. I was always playing “catch up”, turning in Monday’s assignment on Thursday, always rationalizing when I fell short of an accomplishment. An example was when I tried to transfer to a better school in order to gain admission into medical school and I was not getting accepted. My rationalization was, “That’s okay, and I don’t think I’d like that school anyway”. My grades were always lacking. A second incidence was when I was in danger of not graduating in 2000 and I spent half of my last semester speaking with advisors and instructors. Having to write an extensive research paper, while my mates made plans for graduation, was dreadful. I struggled to pass and graduate. Instead, I joined the military. (second degree more focused)Now I am more focused, I'm rarely absent from my classes and I always have assignments completed either before the due date or on time. When I visit my advisor’s office, they require less time and we discuss classes I should take next. I stopped going out at night. I do go to restaurants

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