My Career Goal

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My Career Goal

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My ultimate career goal is be a Nurse Practitioner in Obstetrics also known as Labor and Delivery. I have always had a love for the medical field. I have also had a passion for the process of bringing new life into the world. After years of struggling with a school major I have finally settled on the nursing profession. This career choice requires a few things for success including education and experience.
Becoming a Nurse Practitioner wasn’t my original choice of a career. I originally wanted to an Obstetrics/Gynecologist. My focus began to change once I realized how I felt about preforming C-sections. From there I changed my major a few times. Pre-med, Computer Tech, and then Nursing so I didn’t stray too far off track before returning to the medical field. I always knew that I loved caring for others and that I loved babies.
As a teenager I had the privilege of caring for different members of my family. I tended to the needs of the elderly and spent a ton of time baby-sitting my new born god-son, nieces, and nephews. Watching the care that was needed during pregnancy and enjoying the new life once it arrived only increased my passion for the care of those that were expecting. Once I decided that the medical field was for me I began to refocus on obstetrics. I figured that by being a Nurse Practitioner I could do doctoral duties without being a doctor.
Currently I am attending ITT Technical Institute working toward my Associates Degree as a Registered Nurse. Upon graduation I plan to find employment in the labor and delivery section of my local hospital. This is the first step toward my ultimate career goal. As a RN I can begin to gain valuable information and hands-on experience. This experience will give me a full feel for this field. “It is not unusual to come across practitioners who have spent 25 or 30 years in

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