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For me, the choice of a career has been a rocky and often uncertain path. I have fairly early in life understood my predisposition to humanitarian sciences, specifically history. This passion has evoked conflicting emotions at times, for my family for 3 generations has devoted itself to the study of science. My great grandfather had worked in the field of plant biology and agriculture in the 1920’s, my grandmother spent more than half a century working as a neurophysiologist, and my mother currently conducts scientific research in dermatology. Unlike my parents and grandparents, I have decided to devote myself to the humanities as early as my freshman year in high school. This was not done out of spite, or a desire to be different from my parents, but rather because I am fascinated by the society, by how it functions and changes over time, and these changes are most evident when studying a culture’s history, its roots, and the motivations of its founders. To me it seems that these social changes are most evident, and most dramatic in United States History. For this reason, I chose in my sophomore and junior year to take an AP US history course. I excelled in the course material, received the highest grade in the class both years and received a 5 on the AP exam last year, but what is more important is that I was forced to reconsider to some extent my choice of a career. This was impacted most by the conflict between my personal beliefs and the way in which material within the class had been presented. Here it is important to say a few words about my family history, for it is somewhat unusual. I was born in Kazakhstan, a country in central Asia and a former member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and was raised there for the duration of my early childhood. I grew up with Russian as my first language; watching Russian movies, singing Russian songs,

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