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Name: Katelyn Mclaren Action Plan Reflection 1. What was your goal? How successful were you in reaching your goal? Be specific. My goal was to volunteer for three hours at a horse abandonment/ abuse rescue farm by the due date of the project. Though I was able to find a time to volunteeer at the farm, it was not untill after the project was due. I found a farm to volunteer at and emailed the owner of the farm but there was not a time that worked for both of our schedules untill a few weeks after I originally emailed her. 2. What challenges did you anticipate before starting, and how successful were you in preventing them? Be specific. Before starting, I anticipated running into some challenges. One of them was that I have to ride horses five days a week for a few hours, which can take a lot of time out of my day. I knew I would have to find a time where I can volunteer on the weekend, where there is more time to volunteer and ride, or on a Monday, when I did not have to ride. I also anticipated having to run a race for a day, which would prevent me from volunteering that day. I was unable to prevent these challenges. Riding five days a week is an obligation, so I can not skip it. The race could not be skipped either because I had already paid $50 to do it, so I did not want to waste the money. 3. What unexpected challenges did you come across? Be specific. After I emailed the owner, telling her of my tight schedule, there was not a lot of time she could have me. She already had an abundance of volunteers on the weekends, so she really didn't need me unless I worked during the week. The only day during the week I could do it was Monday. During this time, many essays and project were building up, so I needed to make sure I could handle finishing them all and still find time to volunteer. Most of the projects were due around the same time, so I had time to

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