My Brother Sam Is Dead

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My brother Sam is Dead Summary Paragraph Chapter 13 Cameron Loepp In chapter 13 of the book “My Brother Sam is Dead” by James Collier and Christopher Collier, I conclude the theme is that war is unfair and cruel. So in the begging, Tim goes to see Colonel Parsons to try to prove Sam’s innocence but Colonel Parsons tells him to come back in the morning. The next day Tim comes back to try to explain the truth about Sam but Colonel Parsons doesn’t seem to care very much and tells Tim to take it up with general Putnam since he will be the one to decide Sam’s fate. Tim and his mom figure that if anyone was to talk to General Putnam it should be Mrs. Meeker but its seems like she’s not very optimistic about the whole Sam thing but she goes anyways and does her best. She comes back later that night and tells Tim that he didn’t really want to deal with the cow business right now. A few days later Colonel Read shows up to talk to Mrs. Meeker. He explains why it doesn’t look to good for Sam. One, the two men will do or say anything to get off the hook, even if it means blaming an innocent man. Two, the Meeker’s are known for being a Tory family. And three, the trial won’t be very fair since the jury is willing to vote whichever way to please General Putnam. Tim waits three long weeks for the trial to begin and is eager to hear the verdict on Sam. Colonel Read comes in later that day to tell the Meeker’s that Sam will be executed, Mrs. Meeker claims she knew this for three weeks that this was the end result and Tim feels “Numb”. Tim try’s to take matters into his own hands be seeing General Putnam himself. General Putnam says he’ll thing about letting Sam go and lets Tim say his final good byes to Sam (maybe). This summary, proves my theme that war is unfair and cruel because of how Sam’s life is portrayed as worthless to General Putnam. How the general is “Eager” to make
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