My Brilliant Career And The Power Of One (Search For One'S Identity)Essay

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Question: Searching for Ones Identity involves a combination of many different factors. Do you agree? The quest for identity is significantly shaped by many characteristics, helping one to gain better understanding and further their knowledge of themselves and the world around them. An individual’s identity is largely influenced by the relationships they form with others. In addition to this, the social issues surrounded by the times they live in and their environments play a major role in the lives of all. From this we can conclude that there are many varying factors that influence an individual’s personality, forming their identity. The impact of relationships with others is a key aspect in the development of character. This is prevalent in the novel My Brilliant Career narrated by Sybylla Melvyn, under the pen name Miles Franklin. Others, including her mother and her Aunt, significantly shaped Sybylla’s identity. The impact of Sybylla’s mother’s words “you are lazy and bad” as well as “you’re really a very useless girl for your age” create a negative self-perception of her identity. The use of direct speech enables the reader to visualise and recreate the scene, therefore understanding the effects of other’s on the formation of Sybylla’s identity. Contrary to this, Sybylla’s Aunt Helen promotes positive growth in Sybylla by nurturing her. Her kind and gracious Aunt build’s Sybylla’s confidence and self esteem and is gentle and understanding, recognising her inner beauty, while reinforcing her physical beauty. Aunt Helen’s positive impact on Sybylla can be seen through the quote “No one would dream of calling you plain, let alone ugly; brilliant is the word which best describes you.” This quote assists the reader in furthering their understanding into the contradictive impression that others have on Sybylla. Similarly, the protagonist, Peekay, in the

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