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CERTIFICATE FOR INSPECTION 1. Name and Address of the Exporter 4. Buyer's Order No. & ',$.-4.$r &:;f: &it*c;trp :1:*.II3pg;rrtot* #:"L* i;i\:;i ;; r-[.fu r';- ; F. k'i#*.&.i; l:f l;:i ;.:l;.:T ,"1-.*il iL ri.l,,i i3 j;&F ;'X$a&*/k#*3.3 rTs #4OlJ# d1tt\f"J |+tu* nft t ;,; l3*5-3.f1*rlf?-Kl-;-{,; 2. Name and Address of the Approved Processing Plant 6. lnvoice No. & Date 7. Country of destination "14\.j-'l.,:ril 1,?:''i1'- $J*1 ".t+e j. b&-*;, ', l?l Ft,! J-\f;\ r.rytq 'l Ll*;"1;." {JJ.' i'dI;", *1 j,15$i*rr""',-';:11'.:S-dlif fi i': lj' gf Y.d 53{\'l'f:t ,iSWSlail*g$ iHtb&?*#Sr$,* t$r*f: r#ftris,r\ 3. Details of Stamp on export packages 8. Certificate No. 0D t l5D I Approval Valid Upto and $$ss$***4/#,S 9. Specification Reference includins $ry#hep&gA* ,1,:.:?15 &.? tr;H? 1:3ff: ' 3"$*Stu.'&e ;Pi,l#H#n;:jitffiffi3 {;V: X.:;:n i,E}g #lH}i*$t juT? 2ffi* iffif : 1",:Tt:} tfr*1S.:*sCI) 11. No. and kind ,,S,TI} ,"},.}ffiX"ry.,:,}"J3#; 14. FOB value 10. Shipping marks ol Pkgs. 12. Description of Goods 13. Quantity S c\r'! i'1{\ s..J # a'b/!J l t r,l? E/*r*.* ffi 4351ldr']* ****L#s lw 1t,1lltffi 13.,ffi$ 1,ffi? l gH; g:'ffff"J i;trT.,xt r.r.'11 "T,-- :aJ" U,:.1 r*J*r.$1Je +JUe r,tt r.r ,,i ,n$ul i;? l'.":"1 1.\ wd !r+# k$,se ,i3r.pre3:$.? l-*ffi?,ffi iF:H?fffi. t?*r flltifl l3[3ffi I "5,S ft, ??, ???*fi? &s*$.rSSrY$f SSd LJTJ . a?t ri* c'\:Il \,f # +:* F-.\'r*S€-tr bdl" A'aR;t ,J*# ft,}d;*ed *3/#*&# *3sils4" 15. DECLARATION The undersigned hereby declares: (i) that the above consignment has been processed in our processing plant which has valid approval and is under continuous ), I ddmO aooell eruogdEd doao*sde nnf B droeredd drJtJ: dJdo6 cEeO, oilodotJ, aSor1drocjr ros*tuS @ UNIT: MOTHER DAIRY,

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