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Colour, sound/music, costume, character and camera angles are all used in the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, to enhance the mood of the scene. These five techniques were used effectively throughout each scene. In the opening scene of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, the music playing is Greek Zorba music, it is very dark and gloomy, it is raining heavily and the sky is filled with dark clouds, then there is a close up shot of Toula and her father driving to their family owned restaurant called “Dancing Zorbas”. Everything in this scene is dark to show that there is a depressing sadness in Toula’s life. Toula is depressed because she has no self-esteem, as she has mousy brown, stringy hair, big glasses and feels she is unattractive, also because she is in her thirties and not yet married, let alone have a boyfriend. Until she gets married she will open and close the family restaurant every day. Her family wants her to marry a ‘nice Greek boy’ and have children, and cook for them all, but Toula wants to marry for love, not just a traditional marriage with a Greek man. Toula and her family live in a big white house with columns and a big Greek flag on the garage door, to show people they are Greek and proud of it. The Greek flag brings more colour to the end of this scene. When Toula and Ian first see each other in Dancing Zorbas the scene starts very dark and gloomy outside, but when Ian walks through the door, a bright light comes through the clouds, and an overhead shot is used to show how Toula feels about Ian. Ian sits down with his friend, and as soon as they sit down Toula walks over to their table and just stands there, staring at Ian, they both just look at her, then she just starts babbling, embarrassing herself. When she finished talking offers Ian coffee and he says no, but then his friend says yes please, so Toula fills up Ian’s mug and walks away

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