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My Best Friend Epiloque My name is Brooke. My best friend Jade and I made a friend online, and didn't realize we would meet him in real life. I never knew he could be the one, but I think I am falling in love. Once Jade finds out she gets mad because she likes him too, and we always said we wouldn't fight over a guy. So Jade isn't talking to me, and the only other friend I have is Nate. Let's just say I don't hate talking to him alone. It's a little better then with Jade trying to tell me what to say, and what to do. I dedicate this book to my friends and family. Thanks for being a part in my life. Chapter 1- Going Online "Jade!" I yell as she runs upstairs,and hides in her bedroom. "Boo!" she jumps out and scares me as I walk in. "Goodness you nearly gave me a heart attack!" I yell falling to the floor. As Jade puts her hand out to help me up she says, "Want to go on that one meet people site again?" "I guess." I say nervously. Jade and I are having a sleepover at her house. Last time I slept here we went on a site called Meet People. We met a lot of people. Some were really creepy, and some were really nice. I didn't really feel comfortable going on that site, but if Jade wanted me to I would. "Hi there." Jade said in a low voice as we spoke to the first person. Neither of us showed our faces until we chatted a little longer. We liked to play jokes and talk funny sometimes, but then we would talk normal afterwards. "Hello good sir." I said partially laughing also in a low voice. The person on the other end didn't show his face either. "Hi." the guy said. "My name is Jade, and this is my friend Brooke." she said putting us both in the camera. She wants a boyfriend, and I told her not to look online. She didn't listen obviously. "My name is Nate." the guy had said. He had dreamy green eyes and a perfect smile. He put his face in the camera as

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