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MY BEST FRIEND I am going to talk about my best friend Yanina .she is an intelligent, pretty and ready girl. She is an economist and nowadays she lives in Lima. I know her since we were children and i also know to her family, specially to her siblings. I usually to stay the weekends in her house. She has a good relationship with her siblings Claudia and Jorge, and though their characters are different, she adores them. Yanina always keeps a smile and takes the things calmly, but she is responsible and intelligent, she is balanced, she always likes to get things, to stand out. Her sister Claudia is extrovert, egocentric, temperamental and almos all the time she is annoyed or hassle, she is the she gets spoiled with her father .she has jealous of my friend yanina, because her dad prefers to my friend than to her, but in spite of it both hit it off. Her brother is shy, intelligent, he studies medicine and he is the diplomatic of the family, but also he's jealous with his sisters,especially with my friend Yanina. He's overprotective with his sisters. Always he worries for them. He is try to tag along with his family. Yanina has a better relationship with her sister, it will be because they are women and always they're talking about their things. In spite of the different characters, all three siblings love each other. For my they are good siblings and

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