My Best Friend Essay

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" Crystal, let's go to school now !" " OK, I'm coming !" I know that it is my best friend, Felicia. She always wears a long jeans with a school jumper. She has her wavy hair in plaits. The pair of brown eyes are shinning like the collection stars in the sky. Her lip is rosy and her smiles is as beautiful as angel. She is still look cute and gorgeous although freckles over her nose. I always go to school with Felicia as we are the neighbour and the classmate. We have known each other for eight years. She was a girl I used to hang out when I was in primary school. Felicia is a humuor girl and she share some jokes with me. Her humuorous always makes me have a belly laugh. However, she is also a naughty girl. She is as playful as a cat. She loves playing prank on me. She will laugh giggling for my stupidity. Sometimes, she also pull our teachers' leg. Besides that, Felicia is a hardworking girl. She is excellent at mathematics and science. She always gets the highest marks at the examination. As a good friend, Felicia will teach me and gives me some tution after school when the examination is around the corner. I can pass the examination with flying colours because of her help. During the free time, we always play basketball. She was taller than me, so she usually beat the snout out of me so I can't block any of his shots. I won't mind it because she is just having a joke. Felicia is the best companion whenever I felt sad. She will encourage me and listen to my problems. she will inspire me when I felt depressed. Troubles will flows quietly after that. I love Felicia. She is my best friend that I would like to cherish forever and

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