My Beloved Austin Essay

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Austin, Austin baby u mean alot to me. You at my world.. I dnt know wut I'd do if we had nvr met.. U hav changed me and my point of few on things.. In a good way of course... But anyways, I kno we hav had some troubles lately but if u want I kno we can work thrus them.. I love u Austin and even tho u think imma leave u I'm not... In order for this relationship to end u hav to end it... I dnt want it ta end. I love u with all my heart Austin. U hav the key to my heart, now it's ur til u toss it away. But in doin so u r locking the door to my heart and there is a chance u won't find that key. I dnt usually gav it out to the same person again.. But see wit u I feel lik I wuld giv u key after key after key just because I love you so much and I rlly wanna be wit u.. Ik it the one for me Austin.. Everytime I get a txt from u my heart skips beats cuz I can't believe I hav u. And I'm just so happy.. Austin I love u so much.. But right now cuz of all this that has happened my heart has been broken and a wall started to form around it.. I want u to be the one to fix my heart and break the wall down for good.. Not many can do it but ik u can.. Then once u break down the wall and fix my heart the door will be open for u to come inside my repaired heart.. U will always have a place in my heart Austin.. That will never change.. I love u so much Austin.. That wen i think of us not being together anymoremy heart just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces...I feel empty inside. I feel lik my heart is gone, my love is gone, my happiness is gone, everything is gone, it's all with u... I dnt lik not having all that or u:( Austin I was always counting the stars, having one after another tryin to find the right one, but I never thought of lookin to the moon. All the stars r similar the same. But the moon is different it gives more light and it means so much more to me. Austin ur not

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