My Aspiration as a Teacher Essay

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My Aspiration As A Teacher I ended secondary school with high grades, so I could have entered any career. But I only choose to become a teacher because of my aspiration. I love learning; I love acting; I love kids. Actually, I have countless, incredible examples of teachers from which I benefitted as a student. By drawing from their effective strategies and positive modeling, I try to frame my perspective as the teacher in the classroom. As time went on, I realized that being a teacher is about making an impact, an impression and an indelible mark. These role models shaped me as a responsible, caring adult and I aim to do the same with the example that I set for my students. For me, I think that teaching truly affects the future generations. What you say, what you do and how you do it will stay with students and they in turn may pass it along to their own children in some way, shape, or form. They say that teaching touches the lives of the future, which is true. But it also helps alter the course of the future as well. In my opinion, I assume that teaching is the only medium by which we can actually serve nation. Nation has given us the pride to live so it becomes our prerogative to make nation feel proud on us by creating sensible and responsible future Malaysians. I wanted to bring changes in Malaysian society to nurture the younger generation to lead Malaysia in 21st century in creating most of the knowledge at world level by constructing and generating new concepts, ideas and skills. Good teacher use to be a friend philosopher by relating study material with the real life situation. In this way will satisfy my cherished goal of serving nation on its border as an army officer which remained unfulfilled. I am inspired to be a teacher because I want to live a life of service to others, especially children. I want to show them the beauty, power and courage

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