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Imagine taking a train trip across the country all by yourself… but you keep catching yourself admiring this one certain person… In My Antonia, a novel taking place in the late 1800’s, by Willa Cather, Jim Burden, the narrator of the novel, takes a journey across the great midland plains of North America. He is sent by train to his grandparents in Nebraska by his Virginia relatives. On this train is when Jim first hears of Antonia Shimerda, a Bohemian girl who he gains more and more interest for. The admiration that Jim develops for her is caused by a number of reasons. Antonia’s beauty, strong opinion towards what she believes in, and her willingness to learn are three qualities that Jim is attracted to. Jim admires Antonia’s beauty through out the book. “We high school boys used to linger on the playground at the afternoon recess to watch them as…show more content…
“While we snuggled down there out in the wind, she learned a score of new words. She was quick and very eager” (19). The relationship between Jim and Antonia grows stronger as they start to learn from each other. Antonia really wants to learn more about America and its language and Jim takes on the role of teaching her the difficult task. Although Jim is the one teaching her, Antonia also teaches him a lot of aspects he hasn’t yet experienced in life. Each character’s devotion to learn sets the scene for their relationship to come. As told throughout the journey of My Antonia, the budding relationship between Jim and Antonia evolves into something special. Jim could see right through Antonia and adores her beauty, willingness to learn, and her opinionated mind. During the course of their relationship they have many adversities, but in the end they knew that a friendship like theirs is destined to last

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