My Analysis About a Quotation of Truth

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Diagnostic Assignment September 9th, 2013 ENG4U1-02 Ms. Moynagh “Truth is the only safe ground to stand on.” Almost everyone in the earth encourages each other to speak the truth. They discourage each other to tell lies, and also dislikes truth mixed with falsehood. It is modest to do so and it is also a respectable deed. There are countless times where falsehood was born. Falsehood gave people advantages over others; they gave the liar either money, power security or whatever he coveted. But when truth comes to falsehood, falsehood perishes; because falsehood is powerless in the face of the naked truth. Such is the case with politics and governance. Especially in Bangladesh, politicians and national party leaders promise great futures for the country, but they are famous for never living up to their promise. They are extremely notorious and power hungry; and they would do anything to regain power and dominance; even if they have to tell the worst lies. But when the anti-corruption government steps in, the liars are caught stealing money and all their power and security goes in jeopardy. They are not the only ones taking advantage of falsehood. Nowadays athletes face increasing peer pressure and challenges as they make progress to their athletic careers. This leads to many athletes scouring quick ways to get a boost in their athletic performance, which are not legal. When they are charged of doping and drug use, they may lie away, but when they are tested to check if they really used any performance enhancing drugs or not, there is little escape from the naked truth. It is clear when truth faces falsehood, falsehood perishes. So, some people think that mixing truth with falsehood can save them from the guilt of telling a lie and reap the benefits of telling a lie. But this is an even dangerous refuge and can lead to unexpected results. This is heavily used

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