MvBeth Character Analysis

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Females throughout the ages have been recorded to be the mot difficult creatures of all the kind. This gender was made to be complex and difficult but at the same time they were pushed to be silent and in the background. Most of the times this silent part never happened. For example Lady Macbeth in the play of Macbeth. Shakespeare uses Lady Macbeth to show this all in one character but he also shows the part of silent but not until the end. Like women or females in general she is most complex and filled full of turmoil was and is Lady Macbeth. Her character alone had a complete personality change. Her personality change is not the important part it is the importance of why her personality changes is the main point. Shakespeare uses her to show how a controlling person can become submissive due to predominant part of grief and guilt. “So who is Lady Macbeth any ways?” most would inquire. Well she is the wife to Macbeth the main character. During the time era that is story takes place women were shown not to have much say and even less smarts but that is completely contradicted by Lady Macbeth. She is the brains behind in everything in the play. Most reader see her as “controlling “and “Evil” which are just a first impression for Lady Macbeth. Although one can also see it as she does what ever she has to, to get what she wants. So what happens when she doesn’t what she wants? That is just not an option. There is never a plan “B” with Lady Macbeth. For example in Scene ii of Act II. She manipulates Macbeth to kill King Duncan. By her calling Macbeth “… a coward…” she Eichhorn 2 is forcing him to do what she wants no matter if will permantaly affect her husband. Another example that shows that Lady Macbeth will do anything to get her way was when she said this “as I stand there unsex me here now.”(Act II Scene iii) This part was put in there to show that she
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