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FA101 – D Maria Korina C. Trinidad 1st Semester, 2012-2013 114047 Cultural Immersion Paper – Mutya by Entablado July 9, 2012 Sjkdalfjhsfdjhklsaf think of a titleeeee Mutya by Entablado, directed by Sir Richard de Guzman, was (for me) by far the best play Entablado has ever produced. While watching the play, I did not even want it to stop. Even though it was in Filipino, and I am not the best at speaking in Filipino, it was still very fun to watch. It was one of those Filipino plays where I didn’t really have a hard time understanding what they were trying to show to the audience. Their acting and gestures played a big role to in helping me understand. I didn’t know what the synopsis of the play was prior to the performance. So, when the characters of the first part of the play bowed signaling the end of their performance my and my seatmates’ reactions were just, “Tapos na?!” Then everyone started looking at their watches and all. Then we all became calm again because when the lights went back on, the stage decorations were different which meant there was still more. The second part of the play was a lot longer than the first part. I even waited for the characters from the first part of the play to appear again because I thought their roles in the first part were pretty short. Just like every other play I’ve seen in the Rizal Mini Theatre, the stage wasn’t very big. However, the actors were able to make use of all of the stage in their dialogs, their gestures and their props. Their costumes were pretty good, too. Although they seemed really simple, they really fit their roles, especially in the second part of the play where the students wore soiled-looking clothes. They even had bags that a 5-year old would use (High School Musical, Barbie, etc.). The way they decorated the stage too was really clever. Although they used garbage, it looked pretty

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