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1. The diagram showed that in 2003 women in the age of 50-59 had the higher rating of breast cancer in that year. The estimated number of women that year would be about 75.000 diagnost with breast cancer. While in the same year women through the ages of 60-69 had the second number highest amount of breast cancer ranging from about 53.000 women. 2. Mutations can cause a change in the genetic structure of just about anyone. Those genetic changes can be inherited from the mother and the father and into the offspring causing them to have a series genetic change or one that isn’t even noticeable. Sometimes the offspring wont inherent the mutation but if it is inherited then sometimes the mutation can be dangerous for that person. Because these mutation can completely alter the genetic make up some mutation can cause the cells to rapidly multiply creating a toomer. I think the most dangerouse mutation between BRC1 or BRC2 would be BRC1. A women has a 16 percent chance of dying of cancer from a mutated BRC1 gene. Heredity and Inheritance relate to the data presented in in the chart because it shows the amount of women who inherited a mutated gene from there parents. The information you will need to know the effectiveness of preventive surgeries would be family history of the type of cancer or of the genetic mutation that is in the family history and the percentage rate of the survival of the surgery. The age of being diagnosed is shown to appear for women around there forties. Breast cancer genes are still present in population because of the effects of radiation

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