Mutant Barley Assainment Essay

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Aim: To see the effects of the GA hormone in the early growth of barley plants. Introduction: Cereals are grains produced by plants belonging to the grass family. They account for over fifty per cent of human energy and protein needs, and cereal plants occupy two-thirds of all cultivated land.The functions of the GA depend on the type that is present and on the plant species. It also stimulates cell division and elongation causing stems to grow. Respond to longer days and stimulate the growth of flowering stems. A human-controlled breeding programme in which specific plants or animals are chosen to breed (produce offspring) because they have particularly useful or valuable features. The aim is to produce offspring with specific characteristics.Mendel's Law of Segregation states that each member of a pair of alleles maintains its own integrity, regardless of which one(s) is dominant. At reproduction, only one allele of a pair is transmitted to each gamete, and that choice is entirely random.Well we obtained pre moistened paper and marked each side for the different types of seeds. We put 10 seeds on each side and then rolled it up into a germination pipe. The pipes were placed in a fridge for 2 to3 days then we monitored the growth rates for approximately 14 days. Hypothesis: I predict that the dwarf d heterozygous will be the smallest of them all. The Himalayan with the GA hormone will out-grow the seeds that only receive water. Method: The participants in this experiment where instructed to get into groups so the experiment would be quicker to do. Each group where allocated 4 pieces of paper and 60 seeds. The seeds were all in different containers. The students labelled the paper and left 1cm at each end, they faced the embryo down and then placed the second sheet of paper over the seeds. Students then carefully rolled up the paper into

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