Mustang Maniacs Case Study

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Southern M University and Southern Mississippi Mustang Athletics teamed up to create a group of student sport enthusiasts, known to a few as the Mustang Maniacs. The Mustang Maniacs are the official student athletic support group and are notorious for getting wild and crazy. The group is set up for students passionate about sports and in particular SMU Mustang Athletic events. The Maniacs pride themselves on getting crazy, screaming their lungs out and doing basically anything to assist their team in obtaining a victory. Skyler Johnson is the director of the Mustang Maniacs and through this organization hopes to “create at student atmosphere at SMU athletic events and make it a nightmare for the opposition team.” The Maniacs are particularly focused on building their membership for basketball games but are also looking to expand and become a feature at SMU football games. In order to communicate to the SMU students, the Mustang Maniacs (M.M) use the services of SMU Athletics on Campus Marketing. The department sends e-mails to the students about upcoming events and also uses the SMU Athletic homepage to display results and pictures. The Maniacs see potential…show more content…
Richard Petty and John Cacioppo developed this theory and proposed that the receiver processed the message through two ways of persuasion, the central and the peripheral route. The ELM theory is applicable to the Mustang Maniacs because they seek to persuade new students to join the organization. Of the two routes the central is the most powerful and has the greatest effect on its receivers. From processing a message centrally the receiver is able to elaborate and extensively think about what is being presented and then formulate their opinions. The Maniacs new webpage will be crazy, attractive and look more like an invitation to a theme party instead of looking like a health care
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