Mussolini's Rise to Power

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When did Mussolini came to power in 1922 or in 1925? Mussolini’s way to total power happened gradually but at the same time it was quite fast. First he established Fascist party and in a way represented himself as ‘the only man who could save Italy’. One of the next steps towards fulfilling his goal was the March on Rome in 1922. Later on he was named Prime Minister by King Victor Emmanuel III. Still, he was not yet happy with his role so he was then named Minister of the Interior and Minister of Foreign affairs. Now he had full control over Italian government and the only person above him was the King. Besides this, he had another important thin- support of people. In 1924, his attempts to gain power were even more serious. At this time Fascist party gained 66% of parliament votes. Matteoti who was anti-fascist politician was kidnapped and stabbed but the King still didn’t do anything and he kept Mussolini on his position which was another mistake which helped Mussolini in achieving his goal. Finally, in 1925 special court and secret police were established, all opposition parties and trade unions were banned. In December these acts were embodied in law and thus Mussolini fulfilled his goal and became ruler ( to be more precise dictator) of Italy. Through these ages, Mussolini came to power thanks to his good ideas, manipulative skills, choosing the right time for his actions aand taking advantage of mistakes of others (like King Victor Emmanuel). Even though he did became Prime Minister in 1922, his power reached its peak in 1925. In my opinion Mussolini came to power in 1925 when all his ideas were cultivated and he eventually became a dictator. Ida Konjicija III2
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