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Bales 1 Samantha Bales Dr. Hall Kinney English 101 12/05/11 Muslims in America: Making a Statement Ten years ago, a planned attack on the United States was followed out by 19 men trained by Al-Qaeda. The men took over four large airplanes and planned to crash them into the United States’ major landmarks, only hitting three of the four which consisted of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center Towers. The other plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, with the help of innocent American citizen passengers. It is considered one of the most tragic events to occur in the United States other than the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941(Executive Planet). Since then, Muslim men and women have been persecuted by what they wear and believe because…show more content…
Muslims are living in fear from the public hate and the government’s intentions on dismantling the civil rights of this minority, using three specific factors which have instigated this fear. These factors are government action, irresponsible media, and the hate speech of some national leaders. ‘Government action ' has done a great deal to undermine the self-confidence of Muslims. Arrests, special registration, police raids, FBI interrogations, profiling at airports, and secret evidence have left Muslims, particularly men, feeling insecure and even paranoid. Since 9/11, mainstream media, generally, have taken up the cause of the government and fully support the 'war on terror.' But in their zeal to be onside they have set aside their duty to critically reflect on what is happening in our country For the most part, media outlets in this country have been, at best, negligent about covering stories that illustrate how quickly our country is changing and abandoning the values that make it great. The third factor that has helped create and sustain fear is the hate speech of public figures and leaders close to the Bush administration who regularly and very publicly vent anti-Islamic speech. Since 9/11, President Bush has…show more content…
Four years after the terrorist attack on the U.S., Pipes points out that all 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Muslims stating that we’re still debating whether protecting the country or protecting civil liberties is more important. He says it does no one any good to pretend that the threat is other than what it really is, and the “real” threat to the United States is Islamic terrorism, with many other Americans feel the same way. A blog online discusses the issue of the importance on profiling Muslims with one American posting

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