Muslim Nursing Care Essay

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It is important to gain understanding and be able to anticipate the needs of Muslim patients as we care for them. Muslims receive illness and death with patience and prayers. They consider illness as atonement for their sins. They consider death as a part of their journey to meet God. However, they are strongly encouraged to seek medical treatment when required. We must recognize that with Muslims, as with many faiths, there are varying beliefs and practices, so talking to the patient directly is useful. That said it can be helpful to have a general understanding of what the Muslim patient will need Cleanliness is considered half of the faith. “It is because purity and prayer are so integral to life in Islam that they are the actions that accompany both birth and death (Cultural Diversity in Death and Dying, 2004).” Muslims are required to observe cleanliness from the excretions of the penis, vagina and anus. Semen, sperm, urine, menstruation, vaginal fluid, stool and blood are impure and require compulsory modes of cleanliness. Muslims wash their genitals after passing urine and secretion and take a bath every time they have intercourse with their partner. Muslims are also urged to use water, not paper or anything else after eliminating body wastes. They are prohibited from having sex with their wives during their menses. A Muslim is expected to cleanse their body if exposed to minor impurities. They must wash off those body parts (like hands, feet, face, nostrils etc) which are exposed to dust, dirt and environmental pollution. Allow Muslim patients the space and time that they need to pray and to read the Qur’an. Muslims Before every prayer (at least five times a day) and before they recite the Quran, Muslims are expected to cleanse. Muslims are duty bound to keep their nails clipped, What the Muslim Patient Needs 3 to remove armpit hair and pubic hair
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