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 “Cowardice and ahimsa do not get together any more than fire and water. True non- violence does not mean that we remain non-violent before the strong and use force on the weak.” Coming to the subject in hand, it is necessary to understand what constitutes Human Rights. Basic human right would constitute the right of every individual to his fundamental freedom without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion. The horrors of the IInd world war had led to an awareness about the connection between the respect for 'human rights' and 'peace' and ensured that the United Nation promised such rights as 'universal rights'. Yet the two world wars were only a precursor of the times to come. Since then many wars have been fought not only between nation and nation but also between human and human. The ill-conceived notions of a misguided few have unleashed terror on innocent and unsuspecting civilians and the media has more often than not played into the hands of these insurgents, or terrorists or militants, as one may like to call them, by affording them a platform to stage their act in full view of the world audience. It is axiomatic that "any search for a unified theory of terror would be futile because there is no single well spring of its diverse instances around the globe" (anon.). While each militant's belief has arisen out of a variety of backgrounds, terrorism primarily nestles in the bed of socio economic deprivation. Terrorism as threat to human rights and development India has had its share of terrorist attacks and is learning to live with it. Today, not only Mumbai and Delhi are high on list of terrorist but hi-tech hubs like Bangalore and Hyderabad have already begun to beep on the terrorist radar. If Mumbai was shaken by the serial blasts in the local trains which left hundreds dead and injured and Delhi was in shock at the

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