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Lawon Hamilton Sociology 2000 Section 11 Gaetano Guzzo, PhD October 1, 2012 Social Issues: Within Musical industry When starting my freshman sociology 2000 class I had many questions on the foundation of the class. For example what does sociology mean, which was soon answered to me after attending the first week of class where my professor explained through the lecture, notes that sociology is the study human society. However sociology doesn’t focus on the internal thought process of the human mind but mainly on their actions. After gathering an understanding on that aspect of the class, I was then able to find the answer to other concepts of sociology for instance, a being able to define sociological immigration. This as Ashley Crossman explained in her article “The Sociological Imagination” that sociological immigration is the connection between one’s own experience and wider society. I personally feel that sociological immigration is the corner of understanding social life, because you first must be able to comprehend the similarities between one’s own life and, the outside world to understand how they interact with each other along with the cause and effect that both have on each other. Sociological immigration also leads to social and personal issues. This knows no race or ethnicity because everyone encounters it in one way or another. For instance racial issues which are something I would assume every human encounter no matter if it’s the victim or victim by assumption of being a racist or even being the offender of a racial crime. From this one social issue you can see both the similarities and differences in social or personal issues, because the ways people encounter racial conflict might be different but sadly we all encounter it. However when involving a social issue or problem as to if it’s a personal or social issue. One needs to develop

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