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Major Paper IPA 106 FALL 2009 Worked by: Zhilin Jin The purpose of my essay is to evaluate the musical Cabaret through the description of the primary theatrical elements of the Cabaret and their contributions. I will summarize the film’s plot and the theme of the movie. I will then analyze and interpret the style of this musical from a theatre perspective, such as how the dances used gesture and movement and how the music expressed the characters’ emotions. I will then evaluate of the theatric, dance, and musical elements that make up this musical film. Bob Fosse was the Director/choreographer who not only brought to Cabaret an interesting background and storyline, but folded the big musical numbers into the Kit Kat Club’s performances to better illustrate and emphasize the plot. John Kander was the music composer and Fred Ebb wrote the lyrics for both this movie and the 1966 Broadway Musical stage play. They wrote several new songs just for the film version. John van Burek was the playwright who adapted Joe Masteroff’s, 1966 book, Cabaret, for the stage. The film portrays the life of an American singer, Sally Bowles, who sings at the Kit-Kat Club in 1930s Berlin where she falls in love with bi-sexual Brian Roberts, a naïve Englishman who has just arrived in Berlin. Both are seduced by Max, a rich playboy, who quickly loses interest and leaves Germany. Sally, discovering she is pregnant and not knowing whether Brian or Max is the father, decides to abort. Although Brian promises to marry her and take her back to an unromantic, colorless life in Cambridge, Sally recognizes that she cannot and goes back to the cabaret to continue her singing and ‘beautiful’ life, regardless of the consequences. All the main characters in the movie are linked by the Kit-Kat Club, a nightspot where a theatrical world of

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