Music's Contribution to Society Essay

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Mauro Alderete Music Business 110 Mr. Jay Henry December 20, 2012 Music’s Contribution to Society Music and its effect on society, is so powerful, it communicates beyond words, it makes ideas heard, and easier to understand the concept. It also elevates the development and sustentation of personal, group, cultural and national. It makes people move, not just their hips but with their minds and soul, which causes spontaneous movements that cause huge change in the way people live. There have been attempts to use music to control societies, which shows how powerful music is on people (Francis par.3). Think back then when the first animals roamed the earth, when they haven’t developed to talk and there was now a need to talk to get food and every one communicated by gestures. That meant that they had the same skills as everyone around so that made things difficult for survival. Spontaneously evolution kicks in and creates vocal cords, and creates the first noise, grunt, note that came out of a animals mouth that change the whole food change or would create the first one. They would use this skill by scaring competition, confusing pray, or groping up, basically what animals do now in days. The point of this example is that music was meant to communicate and change comfort which is basically society. Music is a substantial influence on everyone; it is something that has accompanied our daily life since childhood and even before. We have become accustomed to its sound and we are continuously fascinated by it every day. If by any misfortune one day out of the blue music would cease to exist, we would be perplexed and lost. Imagine all the good movies that we’ve seen without music, it would be so empty and uninteresting; T.V commercial, nether the ice cream man driving by with all those unforgettable jingles, nor parties would be nothing without music, the word

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