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Music Timeline Clyde T. Curry III MUS252 Music Appreciation October 18, 2008 Abstract This essay will show a timeline for music developments ranging from the Middle Ages through The Twentieth Century III: Popular Music of the United States. For each era it will note compositional characteristics. Each era will also show significant developments and emerging genres as they appear. Music Timeline The musical context and stylistic ideas that mark the six major periods of music: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century. These eras of music, however, relate to more than just the sounds of the pieces. These terms serve as a sort of shorthand to tell us that the music shares aspects of style with other pieces written at roughly the same time. The Middle Ages The Middles Ages era is typically known to have happened between the year 400, and up to the 1400’s. The first great centres of music were in the churches. Music was an integral part of Christian worship. The daily liturgy provided innumerable texts, all set to music in the style we call Gregorian chant. The church served as an important patron of the arts, specifically of music. Throughout the period, the majority of composers were associated with and supported by the church (Yudkin, 2007). Compositional characteristics. Most of the music from the Middle Ages was designed for use in the Christian (Roman Catholic) liturgy. This music is known as liturgical music. In addition, music was composed for events of a semi religious character, such as processions and coronations. Voices and instruments were often mixed with voices moving at different rhythmic speeds. The vocal music for church services from the early Middle Ages is known as

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