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Theme: Me and my body Day 1 First ring Concept: My face Language discussion and Beginning knowledge Subjects, study areas, skills, content and integration Subject: Home language Skills: Listening and Speaking  Participates in discussions and asks questions  Listens and responds to simple questions  Sings simple songs and does action rhymes  Talks about pictures in posters, theme charts, books Subject: Mathematics: Content: Data Handling Collect and sort objects  Collect and sort everyday physical objects – face parts Ages: 3 – 6 y Life Skills: Beginning knowledge Topic: Me and my body Context: My face  Face parts  How many of each  Use of the face parts Theme: Me and my body Day 1 Creative activities Concept: My face Ages: 3 – 6y Main activity: Construction and collage – a paper plate face using waste Subjects, study areas, skills, content and integration Subject: Life Skills Study area: Creative arts Create in 2D  Drawing and painting using the week’s topic Create in 3D (constructing)  Fine-motor and sensory co-ordination: (eye-hand-mind) manipulation of scissors and other tools and equipment.  Encourage development of skills through manipulation of the materials  Create freely using a range of materials: small boxes, recyclable materials like buttons, egg boxes, cardboard off-cuts, and other  Use playdough to improve fine-motor ability; rolling, pinching, joining Integration: Subject: Home language Skill: Handwriting  Uses a range of writing tools e.g. paint brushes, wax crayons etc.  Develops eye- hand co-ordination through play e.g. drawing and painting  Develops fine motor control using scissors to cut on bold outlined pictures and shapes etc  Develops small muscles skills through finger play, e.g. play dough Theme: Me and my body Day 1 Second ring Concept: My face Creative activity – draw a picture of themselves Subjects, study

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