Music & Importance of Folk Music

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Music is a sound which pleases the auditor or auditor likes to hear it. Usually, these are vocal or instrumental sounds, or a combination of both. Word ‘Music’ was derived from Greek language and it means ‘art of Muse’. In Greek mythology, Muse was goddess of memory and she inspired creative arts. For centuries now, music is regarded as an art. It is a part of virtually every culture. Music is a component of every culture because it has universal power to stimulate emotional feelings and to convey powerful feelings, moods, associations, etc. Every culture has its distinct music but there is no language of music. People hear music of different cultures without understanding its meaning. So, meaning has no significance in music. Even, some philosophers argue that music can exist without sound. They consider music as a ‘mental image’ and the physical aspects of sound are just by-products of that image. Music has the ability to change people’s feelings and attitudes. Nowadays, there are many different types of music. Some people like specific types, and some listen to every sort of music depending on their mood. Internationally popular genres of music are: Pop, rock, jazz, blues, rap, etc. People always listen their favourite genre when relaxing. But, scope of music is not just limited to enjoyment and relaxation. Music is also used in many different situations. One good example of such usage is during war. During world war, one of the biggest hits of music in America was ‘America I love you’. Similarly, when Pakistan was at war with India in 1965, there were many popular songs specially created for soldiers. Those songs inspired people strongly and elevated their morale. Music is also being used therapeutically to help physically or mentally challenged members of society. In developed countries, music is used to

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