Music Impacts People Essay

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Music, while such a large part of daily life around the world, is often regarded as little more than entertainment. However, what many do not realize is that music is an efficient and significant system of communication that impacts the lives of all people around the world. This essay will briefly speak of the history of music, from the debated origins of music to the evolution of music technology. Going beyond the creation however, the essay will deeply describe the impact that this medium has on society, people, and behavior. Specifically, one will read of how music is a powerful tool of rhetoric that has been used as protest, as a means of raising awareness and of uniting a group of people. Music is persuasive through the use of ethos, pathos and logos and the research involved clearly outlines just how this is done. When any intelligent person is asked about systems of communication or mass media, a few staple mediums come to mind; television, magazines, newspapers, radio. But what do these mediums actually do? In simplest of terms, these mediums provide us with information. We as humans then use the information as the basis for many of our decisions and standpoints on issues. There is no doubt that this information is significant and enlightening, but what most people do not consciously realize is how mass media is also highly persuasive. While some educated persons may see this in television programs, magazines and newspapers, there is a forgotten medium, which has a deep impact everyday on all of society. This medium touches the lives of every nation, of every culture, of every economic and every social class on a daily basis and has done so throughout history; music. Music has woven its way deeply into society and has been used as a means of protest, to raise awareness and to unify groups of people as shown clearly in the different studies conducted and

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