How Music Effects The Mind

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How Music Affects the Human Mind and Body Many people believe that music can change or effect the mind in many different ways. Some think that certain music can better or worsen the way you think and feel. Some people believe it can change the way a brain can function. Music can help develop certain skills such as in school. So many people believe students should be required to take music classes in school. But there are groups that began to argue against this belief saying, “The only subjects that should be mainly taught in school are English, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, Government, Economics, Arts, History and Geography.” Others believe that the skills learned in a music class can help a student’s study skills and communication skills. After researching and doing a study of this, it was said “students who had experience in music scored fifty seven points higher in verbal tests and forty one points higher in math tests on the SAT.” In another study it was found that of 811 high school students, forty percent saw their music teacher as their role model. It is also believed by many groups that music classes can help people in society and not only in their school studies. It is believed it can help students as they grow and enter society because it can help students shape their individual abilities and character. In a study in 1996, it was shown that music in our society creates jobs, increases local tax base, boost tourism, and help growth in businesses such as hotels and restaurants. Since many people believe that music can effect the human mind and brain in the way it develops, many different studies and experiments have been researched to find out if this theory is true. Studies have been done to find out how music effects the human brain, and if different kinds of music can effect humans in different ways. A lot of

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