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Michael Hunter Malone Music Appreciation, Mon/Wed 9:30 a.m. class April 10th, 2013 Concert Critique On Wednesday, April 3rd, I attended my first classical concert at Lipscomb University. The concert featured a chamber choir of four men along with their coach who joined them for their last performance. This concert did not have a conductor. As I was the last one to walk in a few minutes before the concert began I was somewhat surprised by the location of the concert. Oddly enough, the concert took place in an average college lecture room, Ward Hall, where I would never expect a classical concert to take place. Fortunately, this didn't hurt my overall experience of the concert. Because the venue was somewhat small and could only hold around a hundred people the audience didn't consist of any more than thirty people. As the four men walked out the door to the front right of the room the audience silenced and the concert began. Selection #1: “Sicut Cervus” - Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Tempo: The tempo in this song was just below average. It was almost slow enough to put me to sleep, honestly. Because the tempo was so slow the men were easily able to show how talented their voices really were. The talent in their voices was easily noticeable to me because when they drew out the notes it was easier for me to notice what beauty was inside their voices. Texture: This song consisted of a polyphonic texture. As I could hear the two different melodic lines, again, the voices of the men were greatly emphasized and the talent they acquired could not go without being noticed. Dynamics: As the men sang this song they maintained the same dynamics the whole time. The movement was just over seven minutes long and featured a mezzoforte dynamic because of the loudness of their singing voices. As the concert began I thought they would open up with something

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