Music as a Form of Communication

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Music as a form of communication (2100 words) Introduction (300) During the ancient years before the invention of language, how does the civilisation live and communicate effectively among them? How do they speak a common language without misunderstanding one another? Do we ever wonder how they live in peace and harmony without any conflicts arose? For thousands of centuries, people from different areas of the world have made contact without any common language. As English language was invented thousand years ago, pre-English or even before formal language even existed, they used sound and music. In fact, as of today, many still do practice to communicate through music. Have we ever thought about the different ways in which people may communicate now, even when they do not share a common language? In the early years of human civilisation, music was probably used more for communication than for entertainment. It is because no formal language has existed and they tend to perceive that sound and music is their only hope for survival and communication. Also, early civilisation does not have any formal interaction with one another. They are pretty much reserved and have a cold personality due to the fact that they are clueless on how to communicate among them or other parties. Music, however, was invented before formal languages were used. Man invented musical instruments such as drums and horns in early civilisation. They used these instruments to reach out to the others living around or with them. The sound and the tonality of these instruments create a form of non-verbal communication among them. As such, music took an important part of shaping the way we communicate. Body 1 As we may have known, music is a form of
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