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Music Appreciation Music 10 Dates: Nov. 04, 2012 Mission College Symphony: Winter Journey The first concert that I attended was when I was in high school, but I was part in it. I was actually one of the choirs performing and so this is basically the first concert that I’ve watched and listen to as an audience. The first music piece started with slow melodic sounds and became a little faster then started and ends in slow. The second piece had a pattern and had a catchy sound to it. The tenor sings with low to high to a very loud dynamic then low again like a wave. They went on to a new piece or song and I notice that the orchestra didn’t pause, but the tenor. When the tenor sings the third song “Ev’ry Valley”, he showed a lot of emotion and…show more content…
I kind of heard a triangle being played, but sounds like a telephone ringing. I was sort of smiling while I was listening to it because the music piece has a silly and funny sound. The third piece I think it was “Dance of the Clowns” where it also has a funny sounds. The dancers were still dancing here and the music is fast. I can still hear the triangle being played here also it gave me an attention because it sounds like an ice cream bell and now I can also here something like a tambourine and drum more. Listening to it I felt like I was in a circus or carnival because with this song I can imagine that someone was performing with the clown suit. The last piece “Symphony No. 1 in E Minor” has a dark and slow music it was a long piece and it went to a little bit fast to slow again. With string, brass, woodwind, and percussion the music became dramatic and kind of heavy mood to it. I think the concert went well, organized, and great performance. I like how they did where they have a dance performance, for me it’s very unusual for a concert or a symphony concert to have a ballet dance with the orchestra. I would go again and recommend it to someone who also loves to listen to this type of

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