Music And The Brain Inquiry Question Essay

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The topic I choose was one that I grew up learning and loving. I chose this subject because growing up, through rough time, good times, and throughout life situations that I go through music makes it all seem less important. Music in every form is something that I find near a dear to my heart whether it is performing or listening I love music and everything that is music. I choose music as my topic because not only is it something I love but it is a topic that everyone can relate to in their own individual way whether it’s because they are artist themselves or they also listen to music in order to enter into a surreal world and exit what we know as reality. In music I have a lot of experience. I have listened to music since I was a young child and even in the womb my mother would place music on her stomach similar to what people do on TV because “studies” say it raises the intelligence of a child. Growing up I listened to artist such as India Arie, Stevie Wonders, Bach, Mozart and many others. Since I was introduced to a plethora or artist who were all great in their respective genera my music choices was very diverse and I did not tend to listen to a specific “type” of music. In middle school and some of high school I played the drums, trumpet and the piano. I learned many things about the history of music including but not limited to how to read sheet music and how to play the music on different instruments. I have also had experience in actually singing in school, social and church choirs which helped me learn different notes and how to hold a certain pitch. I am well educated in so much about this topic but there is so much more that there is to learn. Although a lot of music has not been as great as the music of those who came before us there is still amazing art out there that are genuine and unique music styles with unmatchable lyrics that bring forth a

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