Music And The Brain Essay

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The history of studying music is vast and quite complete and the reason being that music is considered as an add on or a class that is extracurricular class that basically is not as important as science, math or English. This assumption is very common among a multiple of parents and schools that say music will not help a child achieve success in tests such as the SATs for example which is one of the most defining tests of a young scholars life. Well this is actually quite the opposite because taking music or studying music throughout grade school has scientifically been proven enhances the total SAT scores by a significant amount because music enhances skills in math and science by learning specific rhythms or notes that improve not only focus but memorization as well. Now several schools have started to take a interest in musical education as it has not only proven to help students focus but in a recent study made in Profile of College- Bound Seniors National Report for 2001 that stated “SAT scores of students who took part in music instruction surpassed students with no music training. Data collected from students taking the SAT, indicated that students taking music and arts averaged scores that were higher than non-music students by 60 points on the verbal section and 43 points on the math section. Additionally, data revealed that for every year a student participated in music instruction, their SAT scores improved. Students with four or more years of music study received an average score of about 544 as opposed to a score just above 482 for those with half a at least one semester of music instruction, thus showing a strong correlation between music and academic success.’ With this statement it is easy to analyze that music does not only enhance test scores such as the SATs but it can also enhance students to focus more on tedious tasks and to enhance students

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