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MONASH UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION YEAR MUFY MUSIC PART B Assignment Part 1: Discuss some important aspects of the development of the voice, within its historic context, realted to one work from your performance program Part 2: Present a diagram of the human body labelling parts connected to singing Part 3: Choose ONE work from your program and in detail in dot-point form the development of the voice that the composer would have expected at the time PART 1 Some important aspects of the development of voice ,within its historic context: The first recorded mention of the terms chest voice and head voice was around the 13th century, when it was distinguished from the "throat voice". The terms were later adopted within “bel canto”, the Italian opera singing method, where chest voice was identified as the lowest and head voice the highest of three vocal registers: the chest, passagio and head registers. Another current popular approach that is based on the “bel canto” model is to divide both men and women's voices into three registers. Men's voices are divided into "chest register", "head register", and "falsetto register" and woman's voices into "chest register", "middle register", and "head register". Such pedagogists teach that the head register is a vocal technique used in singing to describe the resonance felt in the singer's head. A good example is song Nina of Pergolesi, his Pergolesi is a touch throaty, and he takes one or two audible gulps thus rather compromising the legato but the head voice is certainly well formed. However as knowledge of human physiology has increased over the past two hundred years, so has the understanding of the physical process of singing and vocal production. As a result, many vocal pedagogists, such as Ralph Appelman at Indiana University and William Vennard at the University of Southern California, have

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