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Baroque Dates: 1600-1750 1. What does “musical style” mean? A set of characteristic musical features that typify a body of music 2. What was going historically during this era? What was life like? This was the time of absolute monarchy. The monarchs controlled every aspect of one’s life 3. Was did the term Baroque originally mean? Was originally used as an insult. It was used to describe a misshapen or oddly colored pearl 4. Why did early baroque composers favor homophony? Because it allowed the text to be clearly understood 5. What texture did late baroque composers prefer? Polyphony 6. The musical style of the Baroque era began in what country and then spread throughout Europe? Italy 7. Church modes gradually gave way to what? Major and minor in the middle baroque 8. Did instrumental music become just as important as vocal music? Yes 9.What are some characteristic traits of baroque rhythms? Rhythmic patterns in a piece were usually repeated throughout. A regular meter and bar lines are finally present. 10.What are some characteristic traits of baroque melodies? Elaborate and ornamental. It is not symmetrical 11.What are the dynamics like in Baroque music? Changes occur suddenly, not gradually. This creates a contrast. 12.Were chords becoming more important? Yes 13.What voices or parts become more important? Soprano 14.What is the basso continuo? What instruments play it? Bass line/part in the music as well as the groups of instruments that plays bass line/part. Played by 2 instruments such as: harpsichord, organ, or baroque guitar 15.What was a baroque orchestra like? It had an average 10-30 or 40 players. The string family was the most important. 16.What family of instruments were the most important? String 17.What is a movement? Did baroque compositions often consist of multiple movements?

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