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Music is the art of combining vocal and instrumental sounds to produce the beauty of harmony, expression, and emotion. Music has been around for thousands of years and exists in the past and present of every known culture. With the diverse generations and evolving cultures, music helps provide the instrumental background to life. And since its creation from the beginning of time its purpose is endless. Music serves to entertain, encourage, and make an influence on culture and society. To begin with, music greatly influences the society and culture of a republic. Like for example, rock and roll has made a huge impact in the fifties and sixties in style and attitude. It pushed the limits of sexual expression and traditional ways of the fifties. Music also makes an impact on style, and fashion. For instance, the music of the 80s was Pop, and the style was outrageous with color and new patterns that reflected this genre. And with the ending of that music era so did its style and fashion stop. And this not only impacted the American culture but around the world. Overtaking the 80s, the 20th century, came with various genres influences, from pop, rap and alternative music and came along with its new fashion and style. Continuing with, music is used for encouragement and inspiration. Example genres are gospel and contemporary Christian music. This form of music soothes the mind and uplifts the persons’ mentality. It functions as an aid in giving the person a feeling of hope in desperation. Gospel music for example, is written to express personal, spiritual or a communal belief regarding Christian life. This style of music can be written in many genres, with all the same purpose to embolden and encourage a person’s situation. Furthermore, entertainment is one of the main intentions of music. Entertainment is the action of providing or being provided with amusement or

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