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As we come to the end of the journey the class has been asked to put together an essay with a quick brief description of each concert we have attended this semester from October to December. With that being the assignment I have gone over and revised each critique I have written, made corrections and did my best to sum up each critique of mine and form it into one paragraph. The first concert we had to attend was held on Friday, October 8th at 10pm, at BAM Café. BAM Café held a live performance starring The Arimany Trio coming from Spain, performing percussion based sounds from across the Mediterranean. The performance was very different in terms of it wasn’t the type of music I would usually listen to or even decide to listen to. It started off real smooth and the ending was very rugged, finishing very rough and strong in character. Although I was not too fond of the performance there were particular parts that caught my attention. Such as when the musician would start off with a low key melody and then add in a louder drum rhythm to the music piece. Another part of the performance that I had found interesting was when he used the water in the bucket and the cloth rag as an instrument to make a mellow dripping sound to the music. The second concert we had to attend was on Friday, October 15th, at the BAM Café which held a live performance staring Scott Sharrard, performing the Dirty Blues Rock by a guitar monster, a mixture of blues, jazz and pop rock. I personally enjoyed the performance very much. The sound mixture of pop rock and jazz really caught my attention. The jazz stream gave the music an old school swing and the pop rock added a new schools bop to it. My favorite part of the performance was the beat of the drums especially since I had always been a big fan of drums. Last but not least I really enjoyed the fact that that I could somewhat relate to

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