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2. Process Description Fertilizers industry is a form of secondary chemical production. It is necessary to understand the inputs and processing techniques in order to identify the pollution sources and abatement measures in this industry. Fertilizers may be categorized into two groups, natural and synthetic fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers include different types according to their chemical composition, physical status and solubility in water. According to their chemical composition, fertilizers are categorized into three main groups as follows: • Phosphatic fertilizers containing phosphorous as a base element, which is expressed by P2O5 %. • Nitrogen fertilizers containing nitrogen as a base element, which is expressed by N2 %. • Potassium fertilizers containing potassium as a base element, which is expressed by K2O %. In addition to the straight fertilizers containing single nutrient (N or P or K) there are the complex fertilizers containing two or three major plant nutrient N.P.K. Enormous varieties of NPK according to their contents of nutrients are available. Liquid fertilizers are also produced worldwide including hundreds of forms containing one or more nutrients together with trace elements. NPK fertilizers are produced in the Egyptian Fertilizer Development Center Pilot Plant, located in Talkha, in limited quantities according to the clients requests. Also in Delta Company there is a plant that produces urea- ammonium nitrate liquid fertilizer (32 % N). The liquid fertilizers must be free of solids to avoid clogging the slurry nozzles. Concentrated phosphoric acid is used as the basis for high analysis liquids. When reacted with ammonia, it gives neutral solution which does not crystallize at low temperature. If ammoniated under pressure, ammonium polyphosphate forms. This can be stored and shipped as a solid and dissolved readily when

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