Mushroom Poem Essay

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Intro : 'Mushroom' a poem which is written in 1959 by Sylvia Path delineates a woman's liberation movement through the growth of the mushroom. It is related with the women emancipation which is started in the early 1960. Sylvia Path uses methapor and personification to describe how women fight for their rights through the growth of the mushroom and it seems she talks about mushroom, whereas its about women. Moreover, Sylvia Plath uses language which related to the domestic stereotypes about powerless women. Also, in the poem, she uses personal pronoun, such as 'us' and 'we' to show it is about women. The structure of the poem - indicate the poem is for women and present how women are unnoticed and ignored - woman from men point of view - the beginning of the movement. Body : Firstly, Sylvia Path tries to show indirectly that the poem talks about women and how women are far away from society. The words 'toes' and 'noses', indicate as body part which are womanly. In the same stanza, she uses possessive language like 'acquire' to show that women had to acquire basic needs for their family and also it can be meant how low women are within society. Furthermore, Sylvia Path describes that women are unseen, ignored and unnoticed just as mushroom which are growing on the loam. Again she tries to tell that the poem is belong for women from word 'soft' in stanza four. However, she uses contrast word 'heaving' to point the dilemma that is faced by women to get the right to speak up. The poem goes on to further correlate the relation between men who are the leader and the speaker in the society and how women are treated by men. Again she uses contradiction to illustrate women. She talks how women use hammers and rams which are object that linked to men. Moreover, clearly word 'voiceless', 'eyeless' and 'earless' explain that society which are dominated by men
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