Mushroom Company Essay

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Executive Summary TITLE: Manufacturing of Oyster Mushroom Chips in Imus, Cavite THE PROPONENTS: Axle Ann V. Dimayuga, Nikko G. Fabros, Amelia D. Ignacio, Jaycee Anne P. Mendoza, Pristine Primrose M. Romandi, Maecy B. Tapec SCHOOL: Centro Escolar University FEASIBILITY ADVISER: Dr. Fabian STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: This study sought answer to determine the viability and profitability of manufacturing chips made from oyster mushroom. METHODS AND PROCEDURE: The proponents used the descriptive method in presenting the data in order to interpret the source gathered. In gathering all the relevant data for this study, the proponents used the primary and secondary source. The proponents used the questionnaire as primary source. The data gathered are arranged in quantitative form and expressed in frequency and percentage distribution. The proponents gathered different information from books, online sources, journals, and other literary works as secondary sources. In determining the number of respondents for this study, the proponents used the Sloven’s formula. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATION The Marketing Aspect This aspect shows that the proposed business is profitable since there are 4,642,553 units gap between the demand and supply for oyster mushroom chips. The computed price of the said product is Php 35.00 and this is affordable for the targeted market. The location of the business is at Imus, Cavite. The Management Aspect The proponents are preferred to agree to partnership as their form of business ownership with the initial capital of Php 1,350,000.00. The company conforms to the Php 456.00 minimum wage imposed by the government and has an increase salaries and wages of 3% annually. The Technical Aspect In this aspect, the proposed business labor requirement, manufacturing process and production schedule shows
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